Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

SEO dan traffic rank

At last,, my traffic rank was up,, from (N/A) traffic become 3 million 7 hundred and bla bla bla,, True that its so far that i hope,, But so what,,

But, you can check your traffic rank in here too,,

Or your page rank in below:
1. Open your browser(Use mozilla firefox,, If you don't have,, download in here)
2. Type this in the navigation bar :"google page rank"
3. Or just hang in this site

SEO (Search Engine Optimalization),, trought SEO you can increase ur traffic or page rank,, this is a tips that you can follow,

Tips for new template,,
1. Log in blogger,,
2. Click template Then Edit HTML,,
3. Check expand template widget (Don't forget to back up your template)
4. Search this script

(press ctrl + f)
5. Then ,, paste this script below script above

6. After that,, search this script

7. Paste this script below the script above,, dont forget to change your blog name, description, and keyword


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