Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Portable Yahoo Hacking Tools

In this good time,, i will share something to you. The application to hack (crack) e-mail (especially) yahoo mail.
Screen shoot of Portable Yahoo Hacking

Then, just to the point, this application was called Portable Yahoo Hacking Tools. This apps have many sub-tools. Such as:

  • Emo Creator
Tools to create some icons and emoticons
  • Fake Pager
A fake Yahoo Messenger to steal username and password
  • Magic Password
To steal password
  • Yahoo Booter
An application to boot the people who chatting
  • Yahoo Fake Cam
Tools that use as a fake cam
  • Yahoo Fake Login
A fake page Yahoo! (2008), use to steal username and password, and it will send to your e-mail
  • Yahoo Pass Stealer
Good tools to steal e-mail password (just for yahoo)
  • Yahoo Hack
Fake Yahoo! messenger
  • Yahoo Pass Crack
Crack someone's password
  • Yahoo Password Recovery
To know someone's password and username


Password Archive: h4ck3v1l
Author: -=–=-Gilank-=-=-=-

Approved & Checked by BinusHacker Staff
Dedicated to All Of You, Especially BinusHacker Member
Indepentent Hacking Community

All of this, became to your own risks

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